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A fence with one power washed panel

Power washing away all the dirt and grime!

Spray away the dirt with a little help from Vaders Cleaning Solutions. We offer pressure washing in Downpatrick, Belfast, Newtownards, Lisburn, and the surrounding areas. Get in touch.




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Pressure washing can remove all kinds of dirt!

Graffiti, moss and lichen, stains… there are a lot of things that can stain or otherwise mark hard surfaces like paths, car parks, driveways, and walls. Power washing is a great way to deal with most problems of this sort. By using high pressure water from a professional-level power washer, our team can make short work of stains and grime, returning your property to the way it’s supposed to look. If you’d like a free, no obligation quote for pressure washing, please get in touch.


A lot of our pressure washing work is in the domestic sector, removing accumulated grime and dirt from patios, paths, and driveways. We work with homeowners as well as landlords and letting agents, providing a service that’s affordable and effective. Buying your own pressure washer isn’t cost-effective for most people, so let our team take care of it.

Composite image of power washing a wall


Many of our commercial clients rely on our team to manage a wide range of cleaning jobs, including pressure washing. It’s a great way to remove a lot of accumulated dirt quickly, which means it minimises the disruption of having a cleaner in. We want to get out of your way as quickly as possible so that you can get back to doing what your business does best.

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“Reliable, efficient and hard working. I call upon Vader cleaning solutions regularly and they never let me down.”

- Kevin, Google review

Fast, effective cleaning for hard surfaces

Blast cleaning take a very short time compared to many other cleaning methods, and that makes it a popular choice. Even better, it doesn’t sacrifice effectiveness for speed – it removes dirt and grime very effectively. Because it’s a fast way to work, it also keeps labour costs down, meaning it’s often one of the most cost-effective ways to get hard surfaces cleaned. Sound good? Get in touch.

A patio being power washed


For fast and effective power washing in Downpatrick and beyond, contact the team at Vaders Cleaning Solutions today. We’ll get it done.

Call us: 07510 852167
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